Waxing Training

If you want to learn waxing from the scratch, then we will help you!
Our salon provides a highly efficient waxing training course, which is carried out exclusively by our certified specialists. We ensure all the necessary materials and equipment for conducting sugaring courses.
Our waxing course is not only designed for total beginners but is also suitable and helpful for young masters and professionals. We will not only teach you the theory of body hair removal procedures, but we will also show it to you on practice and ensure that you have mastered it.
We will teach you all the basics and needed skills for waxing procedures on any parts of the body. You will learn about the specifics of hair removal on certain areas of the body and many more. Our salon will provide you with all the necessary materials for the training course.
Program of the following course includes:
• Wax depilation of any zones: teaching the basics and techniques of wax depilation, studying hair growth cycles, reviewing the necessary tools and equipment for waxing, a comparative analysis of wax depilation, contraindications to wax epilation. Practical lessons on waxing.

During the 3-hour training, the following topics are studied:
1. Theory
• History and benefits of waxing.
• Tools used in the process.
• How to heat wax.
• Technology of the procedure.
• Various waxing techniques.
• Wax residue removal technology.
• Skin care after the procedure.
• Hygiene requirements.
• Indications and contraindications to the procedure.
2. Practical testing of the material covered (the model can come along with you and wait or can come up later in about 30 minutes after the theory).
• Practice the procedure on different parts of the body of the model.

Training consists of a group of no more than 3-4 students at a time. Training date must be booked in advance. Training is conducted on specific schooling materials. Upon graduation, an international certificate is issued in English language. 
We always reserve the right to change the training plan, which depends on the certain preparation aspects of the master and his capabilities.