To remove unwanted hair on all body parts offer painless laser hair removal, which allows women to have a few treatments to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Diod Laser - this is the modern equipment for laser hair removal.Today this laser is the most effective and safe laser worldwide Application of the laser diode means for epilation minimal necessary number of procedures are more favorable, the hair growth is slowed between sessions for a longer time. During laser hair removal procedure produces a strong cooling of the skin by sapphire laser tip. Energy, which emits laser is large enough to reach the follicles of the hair bulb, but it does not damage the surrounding tissue, as sapphire laser optics prevents thermal effect on the skin, which makes the procedure is painless. Diode laser alone of all lasers approved for use on tanned skin.

A number of treatments - individually and depends on the hair color and the intensity of their growth, skin type and hair removal zone. The general course of laser hair removal, consists of 4-8 treatments at intervals of 1-1.5 month.

It is important to know before the procedure :

• Hair length should be at least 1 mm.One day before the procedure to shave the hairs from the treated area.

• During the procedure, please use sunscreen.

• In particularly sensitive areas after a session laser hair removal can be redness, which disappears during the first day.

• After the procedure, you should avoid exposure to sunlight for 7 days.

• The procedure is not recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as people suffering from serious illnesses (diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, etc.)