IPL Hair removal

We are delighted to offer you this revolutionary, non-invasive light treatment – upgraded traditional IPL technology, using the newest phototherapy equipment. No matter where you have unwanted hair, a course of  IPL hair removal treatments can bring you the freedom you only previously dreamt about.

The treatment is suitable for both men and women. Women can say goodbye regular waxing and shaving, and for men a hairy back or chest can be a thing of the past. IPL works for most skin tones and hair colours, although brown and black hair provide the fastest results.


IPL Light works by selectively damaging actively growing hair follicles and causing their death.

Clients experience no side effect. The skin may appear slightly red after treatment but this disappears almost immediately. IPL hair removal is a non invasive treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

Hair grows in cycles. Only hair in its ‘growth‘ phase can be treated. The rest are dormant or 'resting'. IPL treatment destroys only actively growing hairs, so you will need to return for a number of repeat sessions in order to destroy all of the hair.

Typically this is between 8-10 procedures depending on the body area and the growth rate of the hair.

The 'best' results appear after the second session because at this stage we've managed to catch a lot of the hair in it's growth phase. Also, because the hair doesn't immediately fall out after each session - it can take between five days and three weeks depending on the hair. Two to three weeks break between sessions to maximise the new hair growth is recommended.

What you should know before the procedure?

• 2 weeks before the procedure and during the period of treatment should avoid sunbathing and using tanning creams. We recommend using sunscreen.

• Procedures are not alllowed during menstruation, pregnancy and lactating period.

• The length of the hair before procedure should be 1 mm. One day before treatment shave the hairs from the treated surface.

• Otn the treated area should not be a permanent make-up, scars or tattoos.

• Before the procedure, you should avoid using creams, perfumes and makeup products on the treated area.

• The procedure can not be performed in certain forms of diabetes and cardio-vascular system deseases. Contrainications for hair removal are also cancer, infectious diseases, acute herpes.